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Sun, Sky and Snow: A Winter Day in Yellowstone

Breaking trail on a perfect winter day in Yellowstone.   See you in the Spring, Yellowstone!

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Now You See Me…

Yesterday’s task was to try and find a Great Horned Owl that we knew was hanging around some old cottonwoods not too far from our house.    We tramped around the slushy woods, looking for that distinctive owl silhouette on … Continue reading

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Tracking the Toughest Critter Out There

Grizzly bears are some bad ass critters, no two ways about it.  But pound for pound, the wolverine wins the One Tough Critter contest, hands down.     And it’s not just because they’ll take on animals many times their … Continue reading

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Camping at the End of the Road: The Loner’s Guide to the Best Campsites

Some of our best friends are people.   We like them.   And sometimes we even like to go camping with them. But more often than not, we* prefer to camp alone, and we’re perfectly happy if we don’t see … Continue reading

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Winter Birds

It’s easy to think that there aren’t many birds left hanging around these cold northern woods by the end of December. But they’re there, huddled up in their little down coats, making an occasional foray to find some fermented berries … Continue reading

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Solstice Wolves

I’m standing on a hilltop in Yellowstone on a cold and bright December morning.    The snow beneath me is covered with hundreds of wolf tracks.    They must have been through here early this morning – the tracks are clearly fresh, … Continue reading

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Rocky Mountain Wildlife 2014: from Weird to Wonderful

Let’s start with the weird. A baby Great Horned Owl should be cute, right?  But this guy…just plain scary. Owls are often walking the line between cute and horrifying.  Not sure which side these two fall on:   Muskrats could be … Continue reading

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May Creek Cabin

December 3, 2014.  Around 1:30 in the afternoon, about 24 degrees.    We’re at the May Creek trailhead near Wisdom, Montana, ready to head out to the May Creek Forest Service Cabin that we’ve rented for a two-night stay. My … Continue reading

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Full Moon at Sunrise Over the Rocky Mountain Front

7:00 a.m., November 6, 2014.  Freezout Lake, Montana     

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Beware the Steaming Bear

It’s not unusual to come upon plumes of steam coming from the ground when you’re hiking in Yellowstone.    You just walk around the vent, and keep on your way. Sometimes though, the steam in front of you is not … Continue reading

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