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The Hungry Griz

Imagine you’re a big old Yellowstone grizzly bear who’s just woken after your winter sleep.  Food. You need food. Now imagine that you’re lucky enough to be wandering around the Blacktail Ponds in Yellowstone on an early spring day, and … Continue reading

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The Top Ten Outdoor Spots for A Morning Cup of Coffee

This change of seasons has got me feeling kind of blue…it’s gray and cold and drizzly outside and my morning hike on the mountain felt awfully close to work.   So I started thinking about some of the cozy everyday moments that make … Continue reading

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Mexican Lime Jerky, Sweet and Spicy Jerky, and Snowshoeing in the Cold

8 below zero this morning, which meant that my plans for a long snowshoe along the Continental Divide might need rethinking.   So instead of subjecting my husband to hours of whining, I suggested a shorter trip and an afternoon making … Continue reading

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Essaouira. Sardines. Want Some.

I’ve been a little distracted lately by a hankering for the sardines we had in Essaouira, Morocco last year.     Grilled, salty, lemony, fishy goodness, they came on a big platter in an outdoor restaurant on a sunny, gorgeous day.  You know they just came off … Continue reading

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Ranger Cabin + Caviar + Cosmopolitans = the perfect winter solstice

One of the charms of Montana is that we can live in town, but decide on the spur of the moment to rent a ranger station for the night, pack up, and be at the trailhead in a couple of … Continue reading

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Carriacou. Life is a mystery, a challenge, an adventure, a song…

The winter solstice is nearly here, and  I’m working hard at embracing the beauty of cold and darkness. Nonetheless,  it’s hard not to think about warmth and sunshine.  Carriacou, West Indies.  Yes, Carriacou does pretty much look just like a perfect postcard of  … Continue reading

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