Bigfoot in the Park and Other Wonders of Glacier

Yep.  Bigfoot.  Just check out the Montana Road and Recreation Atlas.  I’m not making this up.   So get out there and look for him!


After Bigfoot hunting, head to the west side of the park to the Polebridge Mercantile and get yourself a Huckleberry Bearclaw and a great cup of coffee.  Sit outside in the sun and talk about Bigfoot for a while, then head up to Kintla Lake and camp for a few days.   But be prepared: it’s a long bumpy 15 miles to the lake.



Of course, you’ll want to include a couple of bears somewhere along the way:  one grizzly and one black bear should do the job.

RSCN4079 RSCN4118

The Highline Trail has got to be one of the best hiking trails in the world, so don’t miss it.  If you can finagle a stay at Granite Park Chalet at the end of the trail, so much the better!



And if you can get these guys to carry your stuff, you’re golden.


The Iceberg Lake Trail and the Grinnell Glacier Trail are not to be missed as well.   And if there’s a Bear Frequenting the Area – cool!  Just make sure you’re packing.  Bear spray, that is.   It works on Bigfoot too, you know.


DSCN4999 DSCN5006



A close encounter with a mountain goat would be a plus, as well.  Don’t use the bear spray on her, please.


Morning coffee at Cut Bank Campground?  Why not?


Finally, head back to the west side of the park to the most beautiful spot in the world: Bowman Lake.   And if you see Bigfoot anywhere, let me know!

DSC02670 DSC02673 DSC02677

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11 Responses to Bigfoot in the Park and Other Wonders of Glacier

  1. Mind Margins says:

    The Highline Trail is absolutely one of the best in the world. Definitely need bear spray for that one! Such stunning photos of the three deer on the edge of the lake!

  2. avian101 says:

    What a gorgeous place! Great photos Cindy! Thank you for delighting my eyes with such beauty! You’re blessed to see it in person! 🙂

  3. Janet says:

    Loved the lake photo. Beautiful.

  4. Cindy Regan says:

    So gorgeous!

  5. Jet Eliot says:

    Absolutely astounding vistas!

  6. brigittarongstad says:

    Beautiful photos! Can’t wait to hike this trail!

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