The Most Lovable Turkey in the World

I’m not a fan of poultry.   I know folks who keep chickens, and they love the little buggers.   But really, they’re not cute.  And turkeys…well turkeys definitely fall in the not cute category as well.

But there was this one turkey….

Early last spring we camped at Coal Banks Landing on the Missouri.     It was cold and windy, and we were the only campers in the campground.     I took a stroll along the river, and on the way back a wild turkey followed me back to camp.    And not just to our campsite: this turkey came right into camp and set herself down between our two chairs.     She didn’t seem sick or weak, she just seemed to want some company.    In fact, when some coyotes starting howling across the river she practically crawled into my lap.  Kind of endearing.   I suddenly found myself attached to an ugly bird.   We even named her: Tomasina.   She sat with us all evening, hanging out by the fire, sharing snacks.   When the sun went down she flew to the roof of the camper and roosted there all night.    She kept us company the next morning, and was still there as we drove away, waving at us forlornly.

I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow, cute Tomasina!

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12 Responses to The Most Lovable Turkey in the World

  1. Professions for PEACE says:

    This is so cute it almost makes me want to give up on eating turkey! But at least I fork out the big bucks to buy organically raised, free range birds. At least they get to have a life before losing it. Maybe not as nice a life as little Tomasina though! Love all these pics. Thanks for sharing, and liking my post making it easy for me to find your fine blog! Cheers, Gina

  2. How cute! My father-in-law had one as a pet back before I knew him. I guess it was the best guard dog he ever had and attacked everyone but him.

  3. She is so adorable! If that had been me and my Guy, I think I would’ve ended up with a permanent pet turkey – he can’t say no to dappy things, which might be why he sticks with me lol.

  4. montucky says:

    We are over-run with turkeys here this year and they do some very strange things, but that was most unusual!

  5. Our strange, parallel lives continue! We camped one Christmas along the Rio Grande in Big Bend National Park and discovered a turkey living in the cottonwood tree above us. The turkey would flutter down and visit us off and on, and made himself at home amongst us. The kids thought it was great, they also gave it a name (I forget what it was), and he kind of grew on me. I didn’t even know turkeys roosted in trees–or were so friendly!

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