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The Osprey has Landed

When I’m photographing birds, my hope is that my picture will show the true spirt of the bird I’m seeing. It’s not easy. But sometimes I feel like I’m getting close.   (I’m participating in The Prairier Birder’s “Feathers on … Continue reading

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Countdown to the the Solstice

The dark, cold, windy days of November and December are hard to love.  I crave the light, and these days that keep getting shorter and shorter are a true test of my resolve to live in the moment.    I count … Continue reading

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Baby Bison: Cute Little Buckers!

I spent a couple of days in Yellowstone again this week, because I knew the bison were calving, and I wanted to have a chance to watch the antics of the little orange calves before the summer crowds arrive.    I hadn’t … Continue reading

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The Indispensables

Those first couple of miles of the first backpack of the season are always tough, aren’t they? Hiking without a pack never prepares me for the shock of suddenly hauling all that extra weight, and my hips and shoulders are … Continue reading

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“U R Brave”

Last year I posted on YouTube a video of some Yellowstone wolves crossing the road in front of me.   One of the first comments was just one line:  “U R brave.”    I didn’t think it was brave, but it looked … Continue reading

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Close to Home: the Missouri

Sometimes I need a reminder to stop and see the wonders of my own neighborhood, and I appreciate bloggers who — Thoreau-like — keep their focus small and remind me to do the same.  Two of my favorites are  Some Little Crum Creek and  Walks Under the Trees.  They … Continue reading

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Spring in Yellowstone: Critters and Empty Roads

A handsome black wolf stopping by to check out the campsite is a pretty auspicious start to a weekend in Yellowstone, don’t you think? We arrived at the Mammoth Campground in Yellowstone at about 6:00 on Friday evening.  We set … Continue reading

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