Wild Goose Chasing


The snow geese are on the move.  35,000 of them landed at Freezout Lake over the past few days, and last night I heard them calling to each other as they flew over Helena, heading southwest.   Just think:  the birds in these pictures were in the Arctic not that long ago, and in March they’ll turn around and make the trek back after their winter in California.

Skein after skein of them flew over my head at Freezout yesterday, coasting in for a landing among thousands of their kin who were already on the lake.





The tundra swans are arriving too.




But it’s the thousands of snow geese that are the big story.



DSCN8456 DSCN8465


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9 Responses to Wild Goose Chasing

  1. avian101 says:

    Whoa! That’s a lot of geese! 🙂

  2. Janet says:

    Great photos. I’ll be on the lookout for these beautiful birds since they’re California bound. 🙂

  3. These are such beautiful photographs. I felt my heart widen as I looked at them. (And I’m California-bound next week — a wonderful prospect!

  4. Lyle Krahn says:

    Wonderful shots. I especially like the great formations.

  5. Swati Singh says:

    Wow, Lot of birds! truly, Unique shots..
    love the photos..

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