What Makes a Perfect Day?


Well, how about a sunny summer morning, to start.  Then a hike along a favorite ridge accompanied by a young Cooper’s Hawk.





Add in the discovery of a perfect old apothecary bottle along the trail: “Hall’s Catarrh Cure.”


Then home for a lunch of homegrown tomatoes and summer corn.


In the afternoon, drive to an old pioneer church to hear a bit of western guitar and mandolin, where the statue of Jesus blesses the instruments before the concert.


Then watch your favorite couple waltz in the aisle of the church.   It’s like going back in time, to a scene written by Laura Ingalls Wilder or Willa Cather.


Then, since the weather is still perfect, head to the shore of the lake to see what birds you can spot.



If you spot a moose….well, so much the better.





And if, at the end of the day you can stop at O’Malley’s Bar and discover that they are serving steamed mussels and shrimp and crab that night…you’ve got it made.

About westerner54

Hello. I'm Cindy, and I love to hike, bike and explore the outdoors - particularly the western U.S.
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14 Responses to What Makes a Perfect Day?

  1. lylekrahn says:

    Sounds pretty good. Hawks as hiking buddies is a new one but it makes sense.

    • westerner54 says:

      I did have a goshawk attack my head once as I hiked near his nest. Pretty scary, and not buddy-like at all! So I was a little nervous around this guy, who kept flying from tree to tree until I was out of his territory.

  2. Josh Baker says:

    That does sound like a perfect day. 🙂 Nice photos as usual.

  3. LuAnn says:

    Sounds like an absolutely perfect day to me. 🙂

  4. Mast Holiday says:

    Spectacular picture series!

  5. This sounds like the perfect day to me. Your vivid descriptions and images tell it all. Appreciate the references specifically to Laura Ingalls Wilder and Willa Cather, two of my all-time favorite authors.

  6. Mind Margins says:

    Sounds pretty darn perfect to me, especially finding the old bottle along the trail. That’s quite a little treasure that fits right in with the rest of the day!

  7. Cindy Regan says:

    Sounds perfect to me!

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