The Unbearable Cuteness of Being

Sure, bears can be cute.   That Yogi, he’s pretty dapper.   But bear cubs? Now that’s some unbearable cuteness.*

(* thanks, Linda!)

And everyone in Yellowstone thinks so, too.  A mama bear with a cub is sure to bring out the crowds.


Of course we stop when we see this kind of action.  And it’s worth it to see a mama black bear and a tiny cub of the year foraging just a couple of hundred feet from the road.



We thought there was only one cub, but suddenly mom turned her attention to something in a nearby tree.    It seemed like mom wanted junior to climb, but he wasn’t so keen on the idea:




We heard bawling from high in the tree…a second cub!


No, wait…there are two in the tree!  They look like spider monkeys as they climb down.


Mama bear and three tiny cubs, totally oblivious to the madly clicking camera shutters, the chatter of the photographers, or the rangers telling everyone to “stop taking pictures now, and move up the hill.”





This much cuteness deserves a video:



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31 Responses to The Unbearable Cuteness of Being

  1. moonbear42 says:

    oh goodness! so much cuteness!

  2. moonbear42 says:

    Reblogged this on moonbear42 and commented:
    Gahhhh! Bears are just so damn cute!!!

  3. I can’t get over how tiny they are, great shots.

  4. Sue says:

    Very cool! You got some great action photos. Those cubs are like some grandkids I know, too adventurous for their own good.

  5. Janet says:

    AWW! In Yosemite the visitors cause a “bear-jam” with their cars. They’ll park in the middle of the road and get out to photograph a bear and no one else can get by. Your photos are great!

  6. Mind Margins says:

    Oh my gosh! They are just adorable! Loved the video, too.

  7. Linda says:

    Hi Westerner – thanks for the comment on our blog. Your pics are great. I was so happy to see some really nice close ups (since I couldn’t get them with my tiny camera). We didn’t see the mama interacting with the cubs. Love it! I will keep on readin’ your blog – good stuff.

    • westerner54 says:

      Thanks! My camera isn’t too great, but it’s small enough that I don’t need a tripod, which makes it way more practical than those huge lenses. Enjoyed finding your blog, as well.

  8. BeeKeeper says:

    I got the opportunity to see triplets a bit older than these a couple of years ago in Lassen Volcanic National Park. Special sighting for sure. Happily I only had to share with two friends as we were in the backwoods.

  9. oopsjohn says:

    How wonderful! In the video you can hear the shutters clicking and you just know all the photographers were happy. Great pictures. I just arrived in Yellowstone today and from what I read this is a great time for bear cubs.

    • westerner54 says:

      Oh yes, the photographers were happy, for sure! I’d love to see some their pictures – they must be great. Have you seen this mama yet? She seems to be hanging out around Rainy Lake a lot.

  10. Reblogged this on Montana Outdoor Quest and commented:
    Great Yellowstone bear pics by Westerner54. The crowd of people and close proximity to the the bears is not a recommended thing to do.

  11. Saw no bears in Yellowstone a while back, but we did see a mama with a couple of cubs last year in Banff. That was a treat.

  12. Lyle Krahn says:

    You hit the motherlode with this sighting!

  13. rosemaryhr says:

    Beautiful. What a great experience to treasure

  14. What great photos! You are very privileged. We’ve never seen bears at Yellowstone. And THREE cubs. You hit the jackpot of nature photography!

  15. Far, far beyond cute!!! Lucky you. Must be pretty rare for bears to have triplets, I’d think! 😀

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