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Spring in Yellowstone? How Can You Tell?

Blowing snow, blowing wind….freezing my tush off.  Springtime in Yellowstone. A ghostly coyote wanders through the blowing snow.   I don’t imagine he’s too impressed with the weather, either. The trade off, of course, is an empty park.   And … Continue reading

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Beware the Pesky Glochids and Other Tips from the Desert Southwest

Cacti have spines.  I know that.   I mean, it’s really pretty obvious. What I didn’t know until too late is that some cacti have really tiny spines: so tiny that you don’t notice them.  It would have helped to know … Continue reading

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Tracking the Toughest Critter Out There

Grizzly bears are some bad ass critters, no two ways about it.  But pound for pound, the wolverine wins the One Tough Critter contest, hands down.     And it’s not just because they’ll take on animals many times their … Continue reading

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Rocky Mountain Wildlife 2014: from Weird to Wonderful

Let’s start with the weird. A baby Great Horned Owl should be cute, right?  But this guy…just plain scary. Owls are often walking the line between cute and horrifying.  Not sure which side these two fall on:   Muskrats could be … Continue reading

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May Creek Cabin

December 3, 2014.  Around 1:30 in the afternoon, about 24 degrees.    We’re at the May Creek trailhead near Wisdom, Montana, ready to head out to the May Creek Forest Service Cabin that we’ve rented for a two-night stay. My … Continue reading

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Grand Gulch Below the Narrows: Where to find the Perfect Campsite

This looks like a pretty good fall campsite, don’t you think?   Lots of afternoon sun , reflected warmth from the canyon walls during the night, nice clear water in pot holes fifty feet away, and even a cute little … Continue reading

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Another Secret Ruin

It doesn’t get much better than spending days wandering the canyons and gulches of Cedar Mesa, looking for rock art and ruins.    Sometimes you know exactly what you’re looking for, since many folks have been there before, and the … Continue reading

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