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#really??!!!?? #getagrip #areyoukiddingme? OK.  Just had to vent a little.  Believe me, my lone Republican Congressman is hearing  from me.  Every day.  And no, I’m not just mad because I can’t go to the national parks. But I’ll spare you the … Continue reading

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“U R Brave”

Last year I posted on YouTube a video of some Yellowstone wolves crossing the road in front of me.   One of the first comments was just one line:  “U R brave.”    I didn’t think it was brave, but it looked … Continue reading

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Spring in Yellowstone: Critters and Empty Roads

A handsome black wolf stopping by to check out the campsite is a pretty auspicious start to a weekend in Yellowstone, don’t you think? We arrived at the Mammoth Campground in Yellowstone at about 6:00 on Friday evening.  We set … Continue reading

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